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Are you living life from an unbalanced place filled with overwhelm and anxiety, feeling disconnected 

and unclear about how to move forward? 

Are you feeling stuck or blocked in some way, even though you've been doing some deep level work, 

and want to release what's been holding you back?

 Are you diligent about the state of your well-being, value the benefits of sacred self-care 

and want an energetic tune-up? 

Then this session is for you. 


A sound healing session can help slow down your overthinking mind and open a door to expanded states of consciousness. 

This space becomes an inner shamanic journey where subconscious patterns can shift for life changing breakthroughs.

Are you ready?

Let me help you on your healing journey. 

private sessions

It's an honor to do this sacred work with you.

  • Sessions are conducted via your choice of either WhatsApp or Zoom.
  • Plan on spending 1 hour together and try to be in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted. 
  • Fee for 1 hour is $200 and paid at the time of scheduling.
  • I recommend joining the call with headphones or earbuds, if possible, as it will enhance the sound quality experience. 
  • After the session, I recommended allowing at least 15 minutes to integrate before jumping right back into your day. 


If you are interested in hosting your own home event, please send an email to:

Click below to access my calendar & schedule your session:


Dina has a gift. Plain and simple this woman was meant to be a Healer. When I met her 20 years ago, she and I were just beginning our careers in Massage Therapy. There was no doubt, even then, that Dina has been blessed with a sharp and accurate sense of intuition.   

Over these last twenty years, she has expanded her knowledge of mind, body and spiritual based therapies, combining education and intuition, faith and human nature, relationship and listening skills to create emotional support in a space where wisdom meets wizardry. 

When my destructive, abusive nine year marriage ended, Dina helped me dive into my life peeling back layer after layer of damaging experiences that suppressed my ability to fully live and love. 

She integrates many modalities into a healing session. I was totally intrigued by her ability to change direction and instinctively tap into a different vein of healing.   

Her intuition shines bright. At the end of my session, I immediately felt lighter in my shoulders and chest.   

"Where my heart had once stored ugliness and shame, there was a light, clear and happy optimism...because of Dina's help."   

- Teresa Shorb, LMT 

Dina's Light Language work has brought me a deeper sense of Trust in the loving realms of Spirit and an expanded knowingness that I am much more than this particular experience of life. 

I can feel her Light Language Song is customized specifically for me in a way that's hard to explain.  I just "know" that what comes through for me in a session with Dina moves to the core of my spirit with love, reassurance and guidance. The language doesn't translate in a way we consciously understand but still -- there is a deeper recognition that I have been seen, understood, advised, soothed and have received deep-level healing from a Loving Source. 

Her Song transmits a gamut of energies that sometimes feels like being cradled in a loving mother's arms, sometimes like empowering reminders of the Divinity of my own Soul, sometimes like the energy of joy reigniting the playful innocence of the Child within...always a reminder that I have a life purpose. 

Her voice is so beautiful, it carries me away to distant times. When the song is finished, Dina shares the visions she experienced during the Song. Her intuitive insights are profound and relevant. Dina truly is a "Vocal Mystic Mama" and I'm so grateful for our work together. 

“I have received deep level healing from a Loving Source and reminded that I have a life purpose”.  

- Patti DelVecchio, ECCP & BCCP, Reflexologist

I was referred to Dina by a friend, and am now indebted to them for this referral. 

It is a challenge at times to find the "right fit" when seeking an Energy or Light Worker. However, after hearing Dina in a recent interview, I knew immediately she was the right choice for me. 

She is warm and friendly, explains her process well and makes you feel right at home (even in the Zoom meeting). Her voice in song and Light Language is nothing shy of transporting you to another dimension bathed in Light. 

I listen to my recording often and it instantly calms and centers me. 

"I feel my field is cleaner and brighter, allowing me to perform my work with more connection to myself and guides. Thank you Dina!" 

- Stacey Tufts, LMT 

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