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Step into the peaceful world of "It's All Okay," where each note feels like a gentle touch from angels, guided by the Divine Creator. As the music plays, it’s like celestial beings are telling you that you’re never alone. In the chaos of life, these divine messengers calm your soul, take away your worries, and bring you peace. Close your eyes, feel their presence, and let their love carry you through the overwhelming times. Surrender to the melody and know It’s All Okay in the end.

As I open all my eyes, I lift my head up to the skies. I give my praise to the Most High and I see Angels flying by.Though it is in the dark of night, I feel my heart space bursting bright. I dance in the glory with pure delight, and know we’ve come to "The Age of Light".

"Deliverance" is a spiritual experience immersing you in a celestial soundscape that resonates with the soul’s deepest desire for liberation and peace. It’s a heartfelt invocation to the Great Spirit, to be delivered from the burdens of physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Each sound is a prayer to be released and rescued, followed with gratitude for being uplifted and transformed. Embrace the journey and feel the weight of your troubles dissolve into the ether. 

Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of “Star Ascension” where ethereal vocals guide you through the profound tapestry of the human experience. This song eloquently captures the essence of our deepest sorrows and struggles but also highlights the love and comfort we find in each other and the Great Spirit. As the melody unfolds, it lifts you higher and higher, making you feel like you’re rising above life’s burdens and helping you break free.

HYDROGLYPHS - An Experiment with Sound & Water