Dina Baker is a Vocal Sound Healing Artist. 

Her Grandfather was a classical guitarist and when he visited, she enjoyed pretending to be an opera singer while he strummed his guitar. This delighted him and he’d play even louder while encouraging her to continue singing, saying “beautiful Granddaughter, that's it, keep going”. 

She grew up in a spirit-filled church and sang in the youth choir. It was always during praise and worship when her soul felt the freest. Revival services were an all-time favorite. The heartfelt energy of God’s presence that manifested through the ministering music, inspirational singing, and uninhibited dancing, ushered in a sense of freedom, peace, and a palpable feeling of being filled with unconditional love. 

Dina pursued a career in the healing arts for over 20 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and also became a practitioner of energy healing and The Emotion Code. It was during a Lomilomi training on the island of Kauai when she had a profound experience she refers to as her “vocal awakening”. A distinctive moment, mirroring a personal revival, her singing returned exponentially as she reconnected to her voice, God and the angelic realm. 

Often asked about her journey into singing sacred soul songs, Dina decided to become a contributing author and share her story in the book, "Women Standing Strong Together, Volume 2", to inspire others to embrace their worthiness and follow the calling of their soul. 

Using just her voice, she makes beautiful, emotional music. Her goal is to spread healing sounds of love and light around the world, hoping to help everyone who listens feel better in body, mind and spirit.