Release, Awaken & Evolve with 

Vocal Sound Healing

Welcome! I'm Dina Baker, your Light Language Singer & Channel

Singing is a psychological need of the body to express deep emotions. 

I sing to help you slow down your overthinking mind and open a door to enter expanded states of consciousness. In this space you can have a direct experience with the Divine, your Angelic family, Interdimensional Beings and Guides. You receive your own visions, interpretations, and information downloads. You engage the love-thought-system and shift subconscious patterns for your own breakthroughs.

In essence, it’s like a Body, Mind & Soul REVIVAL

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I've had the rare privilege of experiencing sacred songs and chants with Dina for private sessions and in group gatherings. In every setting I feel my core light up with remembrance. They touch my soul with long forgotten powers and love. Dina's ability to reach pure frequency as she does is an art. I have never heard anyone else be able to do this. 

"She is a huge gift to this planet." 

- Terri Maria, Owner, The Mermaid Castle  



I am amazed with the way specific sounds and tones can completely change my energy. I only got a few seconds into Dina’s vocal recording and I felt my heart open up and I was brought to tears - like I was remembering something ancient. A feeling of unconditional love swept over me and I was so in the moment, which felt so peaceful.   

"I absolutely recommend trying this healing energy!"     

- Sarah W.   


Listening to this music instantly takes me to a place where I feel safe and my body begins to meld into harmony with the rhythm causing me to have a beautiful emotional release!     

"Just amazing!"      

- Flora D.